I ended up at the ER having some weird breathing treatment, on steroids, and antibiotics and an inhaler of some sort!! Stinging nettles can cause respitory depression (they did, oh that was fun!) Major histamines are manufactured in the body making it damn near impossible not to scratch your epidermis off! It's not just the horrifying itching that drives ye mad, but the difficulty breathing!! I drove 80mph (by myself, hubby at Tiger game... GO TIG's!!) down a road where on any average night one can see three police cruisers, not that crime takes place, it doesn't BUT WHERE is a policeman when ye need one?
Still taking steroids and the honker (ok, inhaler) and am skipping the antibiotics, doc thought I had bronchitis and bronchial spasms!
If ye walk into an ER and say "I can't breathe", you have never in your life see people move faster!!