Been Type 2 for nearly 13 yrs. A1C climbed to 8.2 so in 10/2013 Dr started me on 100mg Invokana. After 3 Mo it dropped to 6.2 and has held steady at that point. However, in the 9 months, my BP has risen to exceed 200/100 using 15 mg/day Lisinopril (10mg am + 5mg pm). I also continue to take the following prescription medications: am - 80mg Atorvastatin for cholestoral; 2x500mg Metformin ER; 100mg Jenuvia; 25mg Metoprolal; 2x5mg Glipizide ER;81mg asprin and pm- 2x500mg Metformin ER; 25mg Metoprolal . I had a quintiple bypass operation 3 years ago with as full a recovery as can be expected. Weight 228lbs Height 5" 11"
Through an unusal set of circumstances, my BP was not monitored in the Drs office every three months when the A1C/CBC blood tests were taken or reviewed. The unusually high BP levels were discovered at the denist's office during a routine cleaning last week. I immediately went to the ER and they confirmed the elevated readings, checked my blood enzime levels and ran an EKG to be sure that I was not in immediate danger or had suffered recent heart damage. The addition of Invokana 9 months ago is the only change to the medication routine followed since the heart surgey 3 years ago. It was added to combat the slowly rising A1C levels approaching the need for insulin. What could cause the dramatic rise in BP levels?