I Have IBS and was having abdominal pain on the right side. I went to my Internist, thinking it might be my appendix. The doctor blew me off, as he has several times in the past, saying it probably was "just IBS". My daughter had come along to the appointment and as soon as we left she called her doctor and got me an appointment with him that same day.

He immediately ordered a CT scan with contrast, then an Ultrasound and sent me to my Gastroenterologist for a further evaluation. He ordered an MRI and as soon as the results were in made me an appointment with a surgeon. I saw the surgeon on December 9th, and he scheduled me for surgery tomorrow, the 17th.

I was procrastinating about finding a new primary care doctor, and I am very pleased with my daughter's doctor. I'm 62 and haven't had many surgeries. I'd like to hear of your own experience with this sort of surgery.