At first I'm sorry for my english, it's not my first language.

I suffer from OCD and depression and have been on Zoloft for nine months. In the beginning I lost about 6 lbs but now I really put on weight and even though Zoloft literally saved my life I know I cannot take this drug anymore. I am on a diet, I exercise but my weight increases no matter what I do.
I went to see my doctor and she said that I am the first patient that has ever put on weight because of sertraline! I tried a lot of drugs and only Zoloft helped me. The only drug I didn't try is Prozac and my doc said it isn't suppose to cause a gain weight. But from i read, all the ssris do, Prozac even more than Zoloft!

SO MY QUESTION IS:Is there any chance that if I now switch to Prozac I also lose weight at first and start to gain weight after w few months or my metabolism is already broken that much that changing to fluoxetine won't make any difference and the only chance for me right now to lose weight is to stop taking meds?

I don't know what to do, I cannot live without drugs because I am a total mess, I am not even able to go to work because I am crying all day long.
But on the other hand, right now I feel horrible knowing that once I used to be skinny and now I look disgusting :( I feel like I'm in a fix, like there's no good choice for me right now.