Hi so I took cymbalta about two months back i took one does and it's delayed release so I took it at 8pm I woke up at 4am nauseous and I started to sweat and racing heart I thought something was wrong so it threw me into a panic attack not realizing I took a new med for the first time i didn't know the side effects because my dr told me not to read the side effects bcuz of my anxiety so therefore I didn't anyway I went to the hospital and it turns out just another panic attack well I noticed after maybe 10 minutes at the hospital I was the calmest I have been in a very long time I also do dr have an appetite til maybe about 4 that afternoon I had a veggie sub from subway and that night I didn't take it again because I was scared of what happened the night before my dr won't put me on any other medicine til I give this one a good try it did work I'm 27 years old I have notice no matter what I do i can't lose weight I am always stressed and agitated and anxious I also noticed the day after taking it i stood on the scale and dropped 4 pounds then the day I didn't take it I notice I lost another 4 pounds so I was wondering did i lose all of that weight bcuz I wasn't stressed and if i take cymbalta will i lose weight continuously.. thanks any stories anyone would like to share please