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Will I gain weight while taking Gabapention?

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oangelle50 22 May 2016

I sure did... Got off of it, went from 235 to 190.

Inactive 22 May 2016

I sure did. Got off of it and lost 41 pounds in a month.
Went back on one/300 mg a day and have gained 15 pounds.
I won't go back on two of those capsules, that's for sure.

Kitty Scott 22 May 2016

I've been taking Gabapentin for many years. It never made me gain weight.

Riverratq 22 May 2016

My Dr. Just put me back on 1,000 mg to calm me and hopefully my shaking would lessen. It so far has just made me tired.

Inactive 23 May 2016

Riverratq: Give it some time - it'll put weight on you. You can also lose
your short term memory after awhile.

SweetLuck 23 May 2016

I haven't gained weight on it but I've had a lot of concentration/short term memory problems recently. I am sure it is from the gabapentin and I'm only taking 200mg! I was taking 300mg. but recently cut down to 100mg. twice a day with the goal of going off of it completely. I've been on it now for about 6 months. It helps me sleep and helps some with Fibromyalgia pain but I hate the side effects.

Inactive 26 May 2016

Then, I would go off of the Gabapentin - there are other things for
Fibromyalgia pain. Ask your doctor. My short term memory is back,
but I have gained another five pounds since I said I had gained
15 pounds on one/300mg/a day.
Be sure and visit or call your doctor - and you can also ask your
Good luck.

alcon 26 May 2016

Hi... All depends your life style and kind of diet you on. I take 300mg a day and no significant weigth gain. I been physical active. free discount card

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