I've had severe depression and Binge Eating Disorder for years, but I was a stubborn idiot and waited until just recently to talk to my parents or a doctor (lesson learned ;). My doctor prescribed me Vyvanse to help with my BED, and it has, tremendously. I've been losing weight, controlling my eating habits, and I'm more motivated to exercise and do things in general. However, I was still struggling with my depression, so she recently prescribed me Prozac to take alongside with my Vyvanse.

Anywho, I had read somewhere that one possible side effect was weight change (which I take to mean gains), and I'm worried that it will slow, halt, or even altogether reverse the good progress I'm making on my physical health :(

Does anyone have any idea, or possible experience with the drug, as to weight losses or gains?

Also, as a side note, should I take it before bed or when I wake up in the morning? I heard it makes you drowsy...

If it helps, I'm an 18 y.o. Male, 5'8", 208lbs (and dropping :)

Thanks in advance; haven't started it yet but I'll go to the Pharm tomorrow to pick up my first bottle.