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How can I gain weight - Ideas?

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Inactive 5 Aug 2012

Hello loca5622. By eating. Not certain as to if you have a medical condition that prevents you from not being able to put on the pounds. Best to you, pledge

kaismama 5 Aug 2012

OMG, I'd cheerfully give you 40 pounds, lol... really all you can do is eat a balance diet, and if you are an extreme work out type person, back off a little bit.

bumblebee90 5 Aug 2012

Ha Ha... that's funny. I feel the very same way. I try and try, but those stubourn odds are against me. lol. Ruthie

Dumpster Diver 5 Aug 2012

Hi Loca, A good weight supplement is cans of Ensure Milkshakes, They
have lots calories and other vitamins and supplrments My friend gets them
delivered right to her door for free. I think from her insurance or Medicaid.
They come in van., strawberry & chocolate. They taste very good, she always
shares a few with us! I hope you are doing fine!

Inactive 6 Aug 2012

I actually had this same problem many years ago!! I could not put on weight to save my life!!! some ppl are like that... they can eat and eat and eat ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING and never gain an ounce... there are a few things that you can do... try drinking protein shakes!! Believe me they do help you gain weight... also... if I were you, I would ask my primary care physician if he or she can give you some advice on how to gain weight~ anyway... I wish you luck hon!! :)

Delila 6 Aug 2012

Hi, i agree with the others suggesting Ensure/protein shakes. Also you can get high calorie protein bars from most health food shops. You can eat them between meals to help you bulk up a bit. Nuts are a healthy, high calorie option also. Adding an extra ingredient to each meal will help - such as having cereal for breakfast, add fruit on top and/or toast. Smoothies are packed with 'healthy calories' also. What is your diet like currently? Do you know the reason for your weight loss? free discount card

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