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Did gabapentin work for anyones nerve pain?

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Laurieroz 11 Nov 2017

I’ve been on it since 2007, & it’s been helping.

Iadygolf 11 Nov 2017

Thanks for your response.can i ask if the side affects like unsteadiness and sleepiness went away after a week or so. Thats what my doc said.i feel pretty weird on day three.

Laurieroz 11 Nov 2017

I didn’t have any side effects except some memory loss.

Mypaine 26 Jan 2018

I am on it for over a year I take 600 3xday it helped at first but now it only helps some

chuck1957 11 Nov 2017

ladygolf; As you know we all react differently to different medications but this is one of the more helpful medications for most people with nerve pain. The doctor should have told you to start they start on a low dose and little by little raise you up. And it can help you sleep somewhat better but be prepared when you wake up in the morning sometimes to a fogginess sometimes a bit dizzy just be prepared most don't get that many but it does go away for most of these side effects even if you get any of them they will go away. good luck to you. Just don't worry to much free discount card

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