Not sure how how this works but I originally asked re gabapentin and extreme tiredness (sleeping 16 hours!) but then someone also added the problem with vision (can't see this on my phone screen now for eg.)
This all stems from 10 years back pain to stenosis to spinal fusion surgery 5 years ago. Then 2 years ago new pain from multiple disc deterioration - told to wait (years?) for surgery and focus on pain management for the foreseeable future - exercise and meds...
If these side effects of exhaustion etc usually last a month, ok, as neuro pain (similar to sciatica) is so much improved. But I can't live like this... What about when I get a job (currently looking - hard - when I'm awake ;-)
I'm taking 600mg of 100's - 1 in am, 2 about 5pm, 3 at bedtime. Supposed to work up to 900mg.
Other long term meds: effexor 225 mg @ bedtime, Oxycodone 80 ER twice a day, occasional xanex.. 5 mg. Lots of drugs? I also self medicate with wine at night... Maybe it's an interaction? But doesn't explain the vision problem - and this tiredness is extreme. Do I have to accept these symptoms to get relief? But can I function? Doubtful - I can't keep it up - 8 hour days and the rest asleep.
I'd love to hear the symptoms will go away! But pain relief continues! ;-) But really I just want to know what I can realistically expect.
Thanks for any responses - either: issues will disappear 75,% but pain will stay away maybe 75% too!
OR "Get used to it: you'll sleep a lot, but won't have pain when you're awake - it's a trade off"
Any experience shared is helpful - or advice. Thank you!