the only imprints on the pills themselves are Gabapentin 300 repeated 2x, once in black on a greenish-grayish color half of the tablet, and once in red on the white half of tablet. It is in tablet form and from Sun Pharma in India. Contains white powder. I cannot find a picture of it on line and so am nervous to take it, even though my on-line pharmacist has not ripped me off in 10 years. Came in a silver blister pack of 10 and I DID find a picture of that on line. Says Gabapentin Capsules 300 USP in green print on one side and other side of blister pack lists ML: M/645/2014,B. No. EMRo692 Manufactured in India by Sun Pharma Laboratories Ltd. Plot no 107//108 plus other gibberish. I got drugs from India before (tramadol) and they were fine -- any help with these?