I take gabapentin 300mg 3x's/day. It helps my nerve pain tremendously but not without side effects. Some are so severe that I may have to give it up, along with it's pain relieving effects. It causes me to have extreme sleepiness. I often fall asleep while talking to people. When I am awakened, sometimes I say very bizarre things. I remember saying them. Also, i have a lot of edema in my feet and ankles. I have to cover it with clothing and shoes that will not show it. It is hard to bend my ankles to walk up steps, etc. They itch when the skin stretches and that disrupts my sleep. I have twitching. My wrist is twitching as I type this. One side of my face may twitch or my leg may jump. It's not bothersome except when it embarrasses me around others.Lastly, my vision is affected. Sometimes i have to close one eye to see clearly. I have actually covered one lens on my glasses that I wear to watch TV. I'm overdue on my eye exam because I know it will look like I have had a drastic change in my prescription. I know this is a lot of info. but if anyone has these side effects, and especially if they know how to resolve them, please let me know.