I have been diagnosed with herniated discs, and will be having surgery in January. I am on Gabapentin 9 pills a day, Norco, 10 325 two pills 3 times a day and was taking extended release Oxycontin 10mg 1 pill every 12 hours. I am now taking the Oxycontin 10mg immediate release 1 pill every 12 hours. This last change was due to insurance taking a possible 5 days to pre-approve the extended release and I couldn't wait that long for the medication. I am now starting to notice slight weight gain as well as swelling in my feet and ankles. I am due to leave for a 15 day cruise this coming wednesday, but am wondering if I am being stupid to do so. If I don't go, my doctor can do my surgery in 1 weeks notice. Should I go with the medication I am on now, or cancel and get my surgery done as soon as he can schedule it?