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Gabapentin - neurontin is not working for my tremors my hands still shakes, what should I do?

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balbanese 24 Jul 2012

You should contact your Dr. and tell him neurontin is not working for your tremors and your hands still shake uncontrollably. Depending on how long you've been on it you'll either get to give it longer, or a change in dose or a different medication. Do it today. Hope this helps.

kaismama 24 Jul 2012

There are better medications for hand tremors. Do you know why you have them? That would help with treatment. I would make an appointment with my doctor if I were you. Tell him the gabapentin isn't helping you.

Inactive 24 Jul 2012

Without more knowledge or information about your medical conditions & medications it's hard to say why you are having tremors in your hands. gabapentin is a seizure med that is used for neuropathy & other conditions. Neuropathy is nerve pain. This doesn't sound like your problem & is probably why the gabapentin is not working. I think you should consult with a neruologist to get to the bottom of your problem. Just my thoughts...

endlessPred 25 Jul 2012

Actually it does matter which type of trembling you have. If it is muscle tension, like I have, it is different than familial or Parkinson's. Please be sure to see a good specialist to sort this out for you.

butterflylynn 25 Jul 2012

Can you give us more information as to what your medical condition is & why they gave you the Gabapentin.
Gabapentin is for nerve pain but depending on the reason you have tremors they may need to focus on the tremors.
The other thing is I do not know how long you have been on the Gabapentin but it usually takes a month to get the full effectivness.

I Strongly suggest you to get a hold of a Neurologist to make sure you are on the correct medications.
Best of luck, Kathy free discount card

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