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Is Gabapentin a narcotic?

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kaismama 27 Sep 2013

Absolutely not. Its a seizure medication.

rydmgn 27 Sep 2013

i was prescribed it for my nerve damaged to my spine, i dont have seizures.

DzooBaby 27 Sep 2013

It is classed as an anticonvulsant but is often used to help with nerve pain. It is not an opioid drug (narcotic)

Inactive 27 Sep 2013

Very commonly used for Fibromyalgia pain. ( I am on 300mg 4 x a day now)

Factfinder411 28 Sep 2013

Also used for headaches

endlessPred 28 Sep 2013

It affects nerves. So seizures are a nerve response. So is any nerve pain. I took for shingles. Another kind of nerve pain. They all have factors in common. Erratic firing of nerves and severe pain from rapid firing of pain nerves. Clever they thought that out isn't it? I do hope it helps you.

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