I've been taking 10/325 norcos for almost a year now and at this point I can't stand taking it. of course it helps with the pain but my tolerance has risen to about 8 to 9 a day and running out of my script way to fast. I don't want to take norcos anymore the withdrawals suck and I don't want to rely on it for the rest of my life. Ive been following the Thomas recipe and I honestly believe that it's a detox for people who have been taking hydrocodone for years IMO or going to a rehab facility. Will this medication help with the pain to taper myself off of eventually? Please help my RLS is severe where I can't even get out of bed I work 2 jobs and constantly have to stretch just to feel some sort of mobility in my legs. The pain is in my back down to my legs from a football accident in high school that never recovered from. Do you have to eat on the medication? Does it give you any type of euphoric feeling cause I don't care for that I just want the pain to go away.