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Gabapentin - does it make you drowsy?

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Marvell 26 Feb 2012

Yes, gabapentin can cause drowsiness. It is a known side effect.

meyati 26 Feb 2012

I don't know what happened to my answer. I also checked for an update-which I got. It didn't make me drowsy. I took Gabapentin several times. I have nerve damage (RSD) that's under control-unless a kid runs into me-I fall and land on that area, etc. I took Gabapentin twice- as I increased the dosage-my limbs became numb. The pain stopped, and I reduced my dosage to where I had feeling. I worked too. I get these feelings-anyway I got the 'feeling' that i was OK, and I backed off of gabapentin and was pretty much pain free. Every person is different. The pain can be debilitating and I lose control of my right hand-as the damaged nerves won't even let me type or write with a pencil. Now to see if this will post this time

Anonymous 27 Feb 2012

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