Hey Folks, I talked with my doctor yest over coming off Lyrica because it didn't seem to be working. I also feel its responsible for my falls. I took another bad fall in the wee hours of the morn. I struck my ribs on the corner of my coffee table and landed hard onto my left shoulder. I never had issues like this on gabapentin. I know Lyrica is the better med but I can't take many more falls. I'm so tired of living with all this pain. Its really starting to get the best of me. The doc suggested gabapentin. At least this would be one I could afford.
I'm hoping there might be others who have had to switch because of side effects of Lyrica. It has affected my stability and my vision. If anyone else has experienced this on Lyrica, please let me hear from you. My anxiety is off the chain and this is not helping my situation at all. Anything you can offer in any way as moral, support is greatly appreciated.
Seeking peace,