I've been on gabapentin for about a year and have been taking about 2000mg a day. I noticed it worsening my anxiety and trying to quit it has been a nightmare. I experience severe panic attacks that have made me go to the hospital at one point because I genuinely thought something was wrong with my heart. I went to my doctor two days ago and she has me on a schedule to taper off of it and I find it nearly impossible because the anxiety is just so bad. My heart rate is so bad it wakes me from my sleep and I also suffer from insomnia and can't take any medications due to the fact it increases my heart rate worse thus making my sleep cycle terrible. I am almost completely unable to sleep and can't sleep no longer than 4 or 5 hours at most. my doctor wont prescribe anything for the anxiety "until I get off the gabapentin" and I'm waiting awhile to get in to see a psychiatrist. I've always suffered from anxiety but the withdrawal attacks from this are far worse than the others I've experienced. I go into complete panic mode and I feel like i have to stay in one spot or else my heart rate increases significantly which terrifies me. Is it a waste of time to go to a local hospital to see if there's anything they can do to help the side affects or some sort of detox? I feel completely stuck.