that is what my dr gave me today to start my fibro treatment. he chose this med because im on medicaid and he says they dont cover lyrica & all the others that have no generic brand out. i want stories from you about this drug. the side effects you've experienced. the success/horror stories. he told me that a common side effect is sedation. i DONT need anything else that will make me tired! the effexor xr already does that!!! idk how everyone else has started off... but this is how he wants me to do it.
1 at night for 5 days, then
2 at night for 5 days, then
3 at night
they are 300mgs. i hope it works, but it seems like it would help the pain a little better if i took it in the mornings or something. i dont want to pass out and not make it to work or something tho. im still in the process of trying to switch pain dr's. im looking for someone that actually cares about what kind of pain im going through. he acts like he is trying to help, but when it comes to the hydrocodone, he acts all weird. i could also use you guys' opinions on that subject as well. he gave me 70 hydrocodone pills. he said i can take 2 a day & 10 days out of the month, i can take 3. i go to bed between 1-2am and get up at 6am to get my son ready for school. i am usually awake for 18 to 19 hours a day. how can i make 2 to 3 pills last me? my old dr gave me 4 a day. this dr refuses. i was honest with him from the begining and told him that the lorcet doesnt work as well as it use to. maybe about an hour of pain relief. it seems like if he is gonna give me so few than what im use to, then he could give me something a little stronger that will relieve the pain for a little while longer. i really dont want stronger meds... i just want to be pain free. i dont feel like that is too much to ask. i hate that the dr's hold our future and our care in their hands. im really trying to stay positive but the pain is adding to the depression and vice versa. sorry this was so long... and thank you to all that responds!! xoxo