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Does Gabapentin or Cymbalta help anybody with pain associated from Fibromyalgia?

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Tee6759 14 Apr 2013

Hello Kalexa,
Yes, Ive been taking Gabapentin 2700mg a day for my fibromyalgia pain. It has been very good in curbing my pain. There are others who will tell you Cymbalta works better for their fibro pain. Its really a matter of what you feel works best for you. Talk it out with your doctor and weigh the side effects as to what you want to try. You will possibly have to adjust your dosage to see what will help you the most. Some take low doses of Gabapentin, others like me respond better to a higher dose. You can check on here to find out about both drugs. Get the info you need to make an informed decision. Best of luck to you!
Seeking peace,

pickles503 14 Apr 2013

Lil sis, Tee, Your absolutely right. I take 2400 mg of Gab, and it does wonders for fibro pain. Cymbalta is the same way. Cymbalta helps with pain AND it's an excellent anti-depressant. It all depends on the person. Yes, as Tee said, you and your doc may need to adjust your meds. Sometimes, it takes a little time to get the doses right, but hang in there because you'll get it right. Let me know how things work out.
I wish you peace, hope and love,

acruz530 16 Nov 2014

In April 2012 I went through neck surgery where I had bone spurs grow into my spinal cord and was repaired without major problems. (I thought)
I have been on Gab 2400 and cymbalta 90 along with norco and muscle relaxers. All meds work great together at first. I have been on these meds for over 2 years. Now as my pains start to get worse, my nearo surgeon is suggesting I talk to my family Dr about possibly having fibromyalgia.

MacIntosh12 14 Apr 2013

Hi kalexa42,
I must agree with both of my friends, Tee and Pickles. It really is a matter of opinion as to what works on you or what works best on another person. I've found some relief in Gabapentin @ 1800mgs.
The maximum dose is 3600, but it truly depends upon your body chemistry as to what will work best for you. I hope you get relief from both of these medications, fibro pain can be excruciating indeed. I also have Neuropathy, which gabapentin puts small dent in the pain. (Neuropathy is a stinging, stabbing, burning sensation that never stops, it's hellish indeed! But I try wholeheartedly to keep my sense of humor about this hellish pain!)
I wish you all the best and hope you get relief from these meds,

MacIntosh12 14 Apr 2013

p.s. I forgot to ask you to describe the type of pain you are having, is it all muscle related, or do you have neuropathy type pain (nerve pain) that is so difficult to treat? IF you describe your type of pain it surely will help us with your question.
Thank you,

MacIntosh12 14 Apr 2013

I also forgot to ask you how the swelling is on your right leg, did you go to an ER or at least get some help with the swelling, besides being told that your "doc would deal with it on Monday!" That is ridiculous as you've had a swollen leg for over a week and your doctor's office doesn't seem to think it an emergency, not smart of them at all. Hope you are being treated for the swelling as I type this!

lady2882 14 Apr 2013

I just wanted to point out that according to the FDA, Cymbalta isn't as successful in treating pain as was first reported. For some people it seems to work very well but many experience rebound pain but it usually happens very early in treatment so they can transition to another med.

mhelcl 14 Apr 2013

Also, there is very little warning given to patients put on Cymbalta about the withdrawal symptoms associated with later stopping this drug.

lady2882 14 Apr 2013

That is very true sad to say.

LadyAdry 15 Apr 2013

Hello, I'm new to this site and I like the information given. I also take 2700 mg of gabapentin daily. It's helped a lot with the pain but has not taken it away by any means. I used to take cymbalta but had to stop due to gastric side affects before I felt any relief. A side affect of the gab for me is that I have trouble remembering things now. I also mix up and slur words from time to time. Definitely talk to your dic about any other potential side affects. I personally am ok with a little bit of Swiss cheese brain if my pain is bearable.

pickles503 15 Apr 2013

Hi LadyAdry. I understand what your saying. Gab can cause loss of memory, body ticks and so much more. I'm going to continue cutting down slowly until I'm off it. It helps with pain so much, it's scary to stop. I never want this much pain again, however, I can't get everything I ask for. (That would be my preference, though) Some people call Gab a "memory killer."
Do what you doc tells you to do. It's nice to talk to people who are going through the same problems that you are, huh?
May you have faith, hope and love,

Grannypire 21 Sep 2013

Oh WOW! It is SO nice to read that someone else has the same Gaba side affects that I do... "CRS" (... can't remember s--- )! It aggravates the ever lovin' out of me when I am in the middle of saying or writing something and can't reach out and grab the word I need. It's frustrating to have to conjure up an image (visualizing a cow with a sign around its' neck saying "beef" when trying to remember that word). How the heck does one do that for, say, "infamous"? I used to chalk it up to old age, but nope, it's the Gaba. Wish I could stop taking it but the suffering from neuropathy in my diabetic feet rears its' ugly head, grabs me by the ears and screams at me to gobble the Gabs or else!! And too, I was prescribed Cymbalta to aid the Gabas but can't quite see the reasoning behind that, nor feel any effectiveness... other than aiding some pharmaceutical big-wig in making a payment on his lifestyle.

Kittenliz 16 Apr 2013

I tried cymbalta but it ddn't help with the pain, it also gave me depression. So I returned to elevil which I have taken for 30yrs. It worked the best for me. Also I use a Tens Machine if I have a flare up of tight knots in my back. Kittenliz

pickles503 16 Apr 2013

Hi there, Kitten. What's a Tens Machine?

MacIntosh12 18 Apr 2013

Hi Pickles, I'm no expert about a TENS Unit, but I've heard that there are wee electrodes that have pads on them. The patient puts the pads directly on the muscle knots that are so common with we fibro sufferers. I've also heard that the TENS Unit helps unwind those knots. I'm only writing this as I do believe our kittenliz hasn't seen your question yet, so I'm adding my limited knowledge.

butterflylynn 28 Apr 2013

Both the Cymbalta & Gabapentin help with Fibro pain.
As others have stated it really depends on how your body responds to the different drugs. The Gabapentin does help more with Nerve pain.
The Cymbalta works as a general pain reliever from Fibro pain plus it also is a.good anti depressant. You will find & hear some horror stories from various people. But as I said both drugs work well as pain relievers for Fibro. I do suggest that if you & your Dr. decide to try the Cymbalta that you ask your Dr. for samples of this med.
Most Drs. have alot of samples off this drug as the mfgr. gives the Drs. short of samples. As Cymbalta is fairly expensive & usually if you are going to have side effects to this med you will have some of them show up inn the first 4 weeks of treatment.

pickles503 29 Apr 2013

Good answer, Kathy.

butterflylynn 30 Apr 2013

Thanks Pickles ... Hope you are doing well.
May everyone have a less painful day & take care., Kathy free discount card

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