Have some nerve damage in fingers from being cut to the bone and nerve damage in foot from multiple surgeries to my foot/heel. The nerve damage causes tingling in my fingers and foot and sometimes I suffer from not only the tingling but pain, stiffness, and just kind of a weird heavy like feeling in the same area. Have heard about Gabapentin as a medicine that helps with nerve pain but I was wondering what kind of nerve pain and if it would help with what I have going on? I also suffer from restless leg syndrome from time to time and I've read it can help with that as well. I've never been actually diagnosed with restless leg syndrome but from what I've read of the symptoms, it sounds about right. Like bugs in my legs, heavy and achy, and the feeling that I need to get up and walk. Also my boyfriend suffers from awful back pain and I was curious as to if Gabapentin could be helpful for him as well and if it's something both if us should discuss with our Dr's?