I’m 24 and i was just told after 7 months since the pain started that i have a bulging disk in my spine that causes sciatica pain. I’ve been to the er at least 4 times they always said its just musclar pain and gave me ibuprofen. I take 600mg of gabapentin x3s a day and if I’m in alot of pain they said to add 800mg of Advil. I was already on 300mg of gabapentin x2s a day. For carpal tunnel in both of my hands and I’m not sure if the gabapentin has anything to do with my mood, I don’t feel like myself everyone started noticing and Im always crying or upset i wake up in pain everyday. My back and leg hurt my hands are so numb it’s painful sometimes and i read other people’s stories i have no idea how you guys manage all of that. I feel so down