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May have to use gabapentin for a while. Anyone using it long term get used to the sleepyness? Thanks

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endlessPred 29 Jul 2013

Hello. What time of day are you taking this? I used it for shingles for quite a few months. The sleepiness wore off. One gets used to it. Also the dose is important.

cgfox11 29 Jul 2013

Thanks for the answer! I am taking 600 at morning and 600 at night. I try to take the morning early, give me time to sleep a little more before I get up.
Have built up to that amount for a week, so it is recent. It's good to know someone got used to it. Thanks

kaismama 29 Jul 2013

I don't have a problem with it. The first few days I did, but then that stopped.

mennis101 29 Jul 2013

I have been taking gabapentin for 18 years for neuropathy pain in my legs. I got over the sleepiness fairly quickly as I recall. But then my body took to the gabapentin like a duck takes to water. At first the dose was not strong enough to work so I had it upped. I took 1200 mgs. a day and that was the charm. I suffered so bad with the neuropathy that I would vote to be sleepy any day. Seriously though I think I was able to shake the sleepiness in a month. I now take 4800 mgs. a day and don't have any sleepy problem but mind you I have been taking it for years.

My new doc wants me to cut down or even eliminate some of my meds and I told him he is not touching my gabapentin. He said okay, okay, I won't touch it. ha I told him I would like to quit taking Cymbalta so we agreed to a weening schedule. Withdrawl from that stunk. But they will NEVER get my gabapentin from me. So I would suggest giving it time. Of course you have to out way the benefits and the sleepiness. I hope you find the relief from gaba as I have.

butterflylynn 16 Aug 2013

I have been on Gabapentin 900 mg. 3x day for 20 years. It did take about a month to shake the sleepiness. I use Gabapentin for Fibro & Neuropathy & Hot flashes due to Hysterectomy. It is a Very useful & Versatile drug. I wish you luck, Kathy

johnw489 22 Aug 2013

yeah i take gaba for about 3 months now. they gave it to me for that neuropathy i had burning and aches from it. they increased it to three times a day and 300 mg a dose. an odd outcome is i noticed i didnt do the " shakey leg" ive had forever. it still makes me a bit sleepy perhaps i am not used to it yet as it doesnt put me out like it used to. i love the affects because the nerve pain was incredibly painful especially in my hands and toes. free discount card

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