I have been using Gabapentin for anxiety and insomnia for about two weeks. I have a couple of questions. First, I sleep pretty well with it and am up to about 8 hours a night (I use a CPAP and the Gabapentin helped me acclimated to it). But, I still feel anxious during the day. Also, I feel drowsy and foggy. I take 800 mgs at bedtime plus 400 mgs twice per day. I am heavy (240 pounds) if that makes a difference. Yesterday I only took 400 mgs during the day and I had a panic attack. So, I went back to 800 mgs today and still feel kind of anxious, but had no panic attacks. How long for this to work for anxiety? It seems to have worked at bedtime right away. Also, how long until I no longer feel tired and foggy during the day? I am on a pretty high dose and my pyschiatrist ramped me up kind of fast... but I needed it because I was not doing well without it. Thanks in advance so much.