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Gabapentin - After ingesting 300mg casule, how long until it works to relieve severe pain?

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DzooBaby 26 May 2016

Gabapentin is not a pain pill per say. It doesnt work immediately like opioids do. You may notice some relief right away but it can take days to weeks to really help. It is most effective for nerve related types of pain.

norristerri56 26 May 2016

For me it takes 30mintutes to work

Inactive 26 May 2016

Gabapentin is not a pain pill. There are other drugs which treat pain.
Ask your doctor, and try them.

chuck1957 29 May 2016

govimcke; Just as most are saying this really is not a pill for severe pain like a normal pain pill if your having severe pain you should talk to your doctor again. But most the time around a 1/2 hour or so it's in your system, And you take it just as prescribed on the bottle if it's like nerve pain and such sometimes you have to take it for a while and the doctor slowly increase it until you reach some results for many it works very well and for others they just don't seem to do much just like many other medications. So if you have a bad weekend you should call the doctor Tuesday and see what you can take while your waiting for this to kick in. Best of luck but just see how you react to this medication everyone is different as I said and hope you get some relief.

chuck1957 29 May 2016

govimcke; Please remember don't take this more often or more than the doctor has prescribed until you talk to the doctor. You just don't know how it well effect people but if the pain is too bad call your doctor. They should have told you more about it if they just gave it to you but it could help too. Everyone has different levels of pain what might be a 3 for me could be a 9 for you. If your familiar with there crazy pain level charts. free discount card

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