I have been suffering with a burning pain ( not migraine like , it feels like acid) in my head for about four months, as well as neck pain which had made my neck very unstable and I have to use pillows in the car to prop it up and also sciatic pain, my gp believes it is to do with a car accident I had over a year ago, I never had any of these problems when the accident occurred, I have tried analgesics such as panadeone, tramadol but they do not help at just make me tired ,diazepam general antiinflammatories, aspirin, endep, beta histamine, stemetil, nortryptyline, lyrica and now gabapenton 300mg three times a day, I feel completely high all day and I have been taking them for 5 days now and I am not sure if it is helping, or just the fact that I am so high I can't feel the pain as much, when it wears off it is back to 8/10 pain , I want to get back to work and have the ability to look after my three year old easier and play with her but at the moment I can't see anything positive happening anytime soon my gp has said if gabapentin doesn't work he is out of ideas medication wise? Should I persist with the medication, I am also going to a Physio twice a week, have tried a chiropractor, reflexology, Chinese medicine, osteopath, just tried cupping and acupuncture a few days ago( still hoping for a positive effect) my MRI if my neck showed a few slightly bulging disks, I have not hade one of my lower back not sure if I should ask gp to look at doing this, any advice would be great I am used to being an independent person and this pain is taking my life away from me!