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How should I come off of gabapentin? I take 700 mg a day 3x 100 and 400 at bed time?

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Painislife 4 Dec 2017

Take into consideration that lyrica only works for 30% of people who suffer from fibromyalgia. I was on 600mg a day & found it was barely any help & I didn’t need the extra cost of the prescription. Go over it with your doctor. So far I’ve been off of it for over a year & feel no difference when I was on it. I guess I’m just not in the percentile.

djchurn 5 Dec 2017

Getting off of Gaba can be difficult, it was for me. It does not effect everyone the same way. Please discuss this with your doctor(s), family and friends. Read the cautionary stories here but understand that all peopler do not react to it the same way. I was talking less than half your dose and three months later I am beginning to show progress in overcoming withdrawal symptoms that were bad for me. free discount card

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