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Gabapentin 300 mg 3 times daily. I take 1 in the pm and 2 at bedtime. Is this ok?

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Nursenema 16 Feb 2016

Do you mean that you take 1 in the morning and 2 at bedtime? If so, yes that is fine.
If you take 1 in the afternoon and 2 at bedtime, and this is working for you, then it's fine. But you would probably get better results by taking one in the morning (even late morning) and 2 at bed.

shosholoza 17 Feb 2016

I was taking Gabapentin (3*300mg) for 4 years with much success in combatting depression until a gen. anesthetic for broken leg operation screwed things up and threw me into a severe depression/anxiety for 4 weeks. I increased medication to 1500 mg (2*300mg AM,2*300 mg noon and 1*300mg before sleep). Today is the first day I feel back to normal, so still "early days" but this elevated dosage might just be the "antidote " in my case for the anaesthesia. Is the above distribution (AM,noon,PM) of medication logical? By the way, exercise is an excellent addit. help-in my case (with broken leg)-at least 500m swimming in seawater daily.

Nursenema 17 Feb 2016

If it's working for you, I would not change a thing. Personally, it makes me a little sleepy do I take my higher dose at bedtime. But everybody is different.
Hope you continue to improve. Good luck.

chuck1957 22 Feb 2016

Bernie; Yes you want to take it just as the doctor has said, Not how others are taking theres if it gets to where it seems like it is helping you there is room for dose increase if needed. Many people do real good on this medication. We are all different and how the medication works for us they normally do give the higher dose at bedtime so if it makes you sleepy. But you want to try and take this the same way and time each day to help keep a good blood level. Best of luck. and hope this finally gives you some relief. free discount card

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