After my last major spinal operation i was put on 1500 milagrams 3times daily i after 7yrs want to come off this iwas on endep 100mg at night stoped that 4yrs ago still on physptone 60mg x3daily and efexor anti depression i have bee told today after by my mother i was treated for depression in 1970's but with no help and as i dont think it was a real medical care issue then i want to get off gabapentne as im becoming more withdraw and am basically liveing in my bedroom and just losing my life can anyone related to this offer any thoughts and ideas for me to assist me with this .my injuries are spinal fusions at 3levels s1 l5 l4 l3 and my upper shoulders and neck with limited movement to neck i was a boiler maker welder where i was injured my muscular body is now a sack i tried the phsyo acupuncture meditation but gabapentin helped but time i want my life back mick