... passed. I feel that the gabapentin,has numbed my feeling of grief. Does it??? Does it have the effect to take away from life situations? I feel, that i should have been more upset. Some Family members, thought that I took my Sons death to easy. That I must still be in shock. It's been 4 months since, He died. I take Gabapintin, for Lupus, arthritis, fibramialgia, spinal stenosis ,mid & low,back pain,degerative disc disease, H-pylori,disconective tissue disease,plantar fascinates,Vit,D,deficient ,asthma,allergies,migraines,& more. I take Singulair, ,Flexeril,Plaquenil,Claritin , Restasis ,Combivent Respimat inhaler,Flovent ,Zantac, Meloxicam, Ativan,Elocon cream,Voltaren gel,Prilosec, Prometrium.