I was diagnosed with fibro a few weeks ago. The neuro dr was 90% sure and wants me to come back in for testing to be absolutely sure. I have two bulging discs, have had two back operations in past. I was on pain meds for a long time and when I went to the neuro dr he said he could help, but does not prescribe painkillers. So, long story longer... I explained I had been on pk's for years and he sent me to a dr to get me off of them and on to suboxone. Went to him and he put me on suboxone and explained to me that painkillers were invented only to hold us over until the source of the pain could be resolved. He also explained that long term use of pk's can actually make pain worse. In other words, by being on the medication for so long, the body amps up the pain to alert the brain that there is still a problem, which is why we amp up the meds to ease the pain, the pain amps up more, we take more, and thus the love/hate affair begins. I have found that the suboxone has all but eliminated my back pain. Now I am wondering if i really do have fibro (which has been defined as a non life-threatening incurable disease that causes a person's nerve sensors to be on full volume) or is it just my own doing of the amped up pain due to my large amount and long term use of vicodin. When I am finally stablized on the suboxone I will have a better feel for where I am, but if I go to the neuro doc and he finds i do not have fibro, I am not sure what will happen next. The suboxone is helping very much with the pain, I am off of the vicodin and VERY glad after years of being on them and do not want to be back on them. I am not sure where I stand as far as pain managment goes. Is my sub dr only here for me to get off of vicodin, and then I am left to my own devices only to find myself back in pain? I know this is putting the horse before the cart, but if suboxone works for me, I am more pain free than before, can I not remain on them?
Thank you for your input. I love this site and am SO grateful for y'all being here!