... right side of my jaw in my Gum... I believe it became irratated due to two teeth that were I infected, and almost deteriorated due to a nice sized hole In the back of my mouth, right behind these two damn near gone rotted teeth... Reason hole is there is theres 25 percent of a tooth still under my Gum that now has that hole because of a root canal\crowning that was improperly performed... And the metal piece and the crown came out three days after proceedure... So if I'm not mistaken I think that hole rotted out the two teeth and I got the infection from irritation because the rottin teeth bave gotten so small that there almost fully submerged under the gumline, and I ome cigarettes, and no telling ho much food has gotten trapped inside the gumline if possible,so that could be why idk but thats my theory , cuz a cavity can rot other teeth, bit I would le feedback on this if I'm wrong... can I take 150 mg clyndomicen, it's the pink \grey capsul that has ((dan 5708)) on it?