After six months of being nauseous, vomiting, constant itching, covered with pustules, loosing half my hair and loosing over 50 pounds, I finally got answers: Aspergillus species (not A. Fumigatus, Flavus or Niger group) and Scopulariopsis Brevacaulis in my skin and scalp. I received the lab results yesterday, and am still waiting for the Doctor to see me. I have been having severe pain - left side -back of my head- into neck for three days. The pain is getting worse, and only seems to lessen when I apply heat to area. Could this mean that the fungus is getting worse- or attacking my brain? Please advise. Not sure how much more of this I can take. I do NOT want to go to an emergency room and sit for 6 hours- only to be told to see my regular Doctor on Monday anyway. Any advise is GREATLY appreciated. Thank You.