Hello, so 23 yrs old not in best of shape but tomorrow I go in to have all of my teeth removed and immediate dentures put in. It looks like I'm just getting nitrous oxide and novocaine, wanted to be put to sleep but that requries a medical / physical check and would push back the date of getting this done. I have poor oral hygiene, all of my teeth are broken and chipped and most are broken down to the gumline. I'm being told the procedure will roughly be 5+ hours and I'm just curious about this nitrous oxide, how aware will I be of everything going on? Will I feel any pain or will it pretty much just put me out more or less. The thought of sitting there for 5 or so hours and being aware of whats going on and hearing the drilling and whatever else noises is driving me crazy. Anyone else have full teeth extraction with just being under the laughing gas?