Then I cry to them and apologize. ..I have depression and dont know if the medicine im on is causing me to be short fuzed or if its just in my genes (my dad) or both. I always feel rushed and like ecerything is cluttered but I dont have energy to fix it. And my depression really began when I had kids so when this happens ( usually in the morning) I go to work after and cry and want to go pick my kids up and go home and hold them because I feel bad for fussing at them. Im on topomax for migraines (4yrs) , pristiq andlamctial. What can I ask the doctor for to help me not get like this? What could be wrong with me? I always feel rushed and sometimesill look around at my house or car and flip at over a mess or clutter or somsomething I didnt notice bugging me before. Please help