The sun came out, my nose was doing well. I decided on using sunblock, as recommended. I sprayed some Bullfrog on my hand and wiped it on my face. My nose began burning pretty bad on the surgery areas. I washed it off, let it go for a few days. I bought infant sun block. It didn't hurt and I used it for 2 days. i was feeling tired and stuffy nosed-took a nap and woke up with my nose on fire. Of course it was Sat. afternoon. It felt like week 4 of radiation. I called the nurse hotline to see what doctor I should see. They had a nurse conference with a supervisor-they said they didn't know-some voted for the radiologist, others the dermatologist, then maybe my ENT-finally they said to get to the ER and let the staff there decide.
OK-the 2 things they agreed on was my hat doesn't have a large enough brim, and I should use a nose spray that has a touch of glycerin in it, but I had to follow up with somebody. I went to several pharmacies to find the spray- no luck. Also the ER doctors think that the protective membrane between my nose and brain is compromised, it usually happens with nose radiation.
I sent an electronic message to my PCP, who apparently had a discussion and replied a few days later. I should see the radiologist. I feel so frustrated that i don't want to do anything. I don't want to talk to any doctors.
I finally decided that I should let my team leader be the leader, so I sent him an update when I meet my ENT, when I have follow up with the dermatologist and the biopsies were negative, follow up with Dr. Garg and when he's ordering the new CAT scan. I asked him what he wanted me to do. He wrote me a sweet note back. He's talked to Garg, and they're planning on me being seen every 90 days. Mean while I found a place with sunblocks that aren't loaded with chemicals and good reviews, and I ordered one of each brand.
Monday I went to a cancer beauty clinic-that's really an oxymoron-cancer beauty clinic-like military intelligence. They did a make up job on half of my face and blended it in. They wanted to know why half of my nose was swollen and red. So, they all took turns telling me to stay out of the sun and to wear a hat. My hat was right there. So the group got together to find a hat for me. Only problem is that any hat that looked decent and they liked-had the same size brim of my military boonie.
I was just starting to snap out of this, when the bad grandson showed up drunk and god knows what else. He tried to attack his father, and I guess working with horses made me tough, because I was able to grab the door and slam it into him. My son was able to get away, and then push him and the door. We called the police. They looked at the battered cracked door. We had to show ID, and I gave them my cancer card. I told them it's one reason why I'm so scared. Tomorrow we're filing a restraining order and no trespass.