So here is my current problem.I have been on multiple narcotics for about 6+ months now due to a lower back injury caused by being overweight and lifting very heavy equipment while on my job.So I started off taking hydrocodone 7.5mg for about 3 months.Then my doctor switched me to oxycodone 5mg.Then upped it again to 10mg because I was getting a tolerance and they just became useless after taking them for 3 continous months and now I have convinced my doctor to put me back on hydrocodone because I thought they were working better for my pain in my lower back than the oxy's were not to mention I was having very unpleasant side effects from the oxy as well(uncontrollable muscle movements,laying down only made my jerking get worse) and now I am seriously wondering if narcotics are really for me.I mean the hydro's are working pretty good right now but the problem is I have built up such a huge tolerance for taking them for 5+months that they have become basically useless just like the oxy did and it takes nearly triple the normal dose to maintain the same effect.Most people will probably say that I am addicted but if anybody can offer some suggestions about some narcotics that are more longer lasting and don't have such a bad reputation following them as well as bad side effects would be greatly appreciated.Thanks I am so tired of this ongoing fight to stay healthy and most importantly pain free.