C5 and 6 level? Also what does "facet hypertrophy" mean?
Also, can anyone decode this, "there is a moderate amount of (facet hypertrophy) and ligamentum flavum laxity that is compressing the thecal sac posterolaterally bilaterally. This is causing central canal stenosis with the thecal sac approximately 7mm greatest AP dimension. There is moderate narrowing of the intervertebral foramen with the L4 nerve roots being touched by the bulging disc.

At the L3-4 level there is a grade 1 anterolisthesis of L3 and 4. There is a moderate amount of bulging that is moderately compressing the anterior thecal sac. There are moderately severe facet hypertrophic changes in the ligamentum flavum (sounds dirty!) laxity present with compression of the thecal sac posterolaterally.

DzooBaby or kaismama or any of you brainiacs care to take a whack at this one?

I bow in great respect if anyone can tell me what this all, or part, means!
Your friend,