Just have to share some good news. I recently started physical therapy for my back pain. On my second session I was having such a bad day. Getting over a UTI, ovarian cyst, fight with the husband about having another kid, trying to see a fertility doc on top of my back pain. He could see I was stressed and having a hard time doing my PT. He started talking to me and got me talking about my problems which is hard for me to do. He listened and offered me advice.
Basically I have always been a Christian but he felt I was somehow keeping God at arms length and not letting Him help me. Not having enough faith or patience that He would get me through this hard time.
I realized he was right. I was driving back to pick up my kid when I turned the corner and the sun hit me right in the eyes and I could not see to drive. I thought " we'll God is telling me I need to clean my windshield !" Then later I thought maybe it was a sign. Like I need to just open my eyes and see the signs that God is right here playing a very active role in my life. Really I have never been blinded by the sun so bad like that in my life.
I prayed and told God I am right here and I will keep him at arms length no more. I know now I need to just have a little more faith and patience. I thanked him then for my physical therapist who is helping me heal more than just physically.
I wanted to share this with you all and let you know I pray for all of you struggling with chronic pain and depression and ask that if you are having a real bad day to try praying again and remember to have faith and know you are loved.