I can't take Lyrica (terribly allergic) nor is Neurontin/gabapentin working, had a toxic reaction, so I am searching for something for my stinging, burning and stabbing neuropathy, can't take this anymore. My quality of life is unacceptable, to put it mildly. This pain never stops, NEVER and it's ruining my life.
I see my doc on Monday, so I'd love to know what any of you think about this med for neuropathy, not bipolar disorder necessarily, but if you've something to add about this med, I'd love any information.

OR if anyone has any medication besides Lyrica or Neurontin, PLEASE let me know as I'm feeling a bit desperate really. I'm taking oxycodone and a bit of gabapentin, but the pain isn't lowered as these meds are at a low dose. I may ask for an increase in oxycodone, heavy sigh. I quite dislike being on opiates, but it helps the pain. That is the only med that is working right now.

There certainly is a frightening, yet small list of side effects. .

I appreciate you taking time to answer or state your opinion, thank you to all who answer,