hubby, Gary. I have been telling everyone that our insurance FINALLY approved him to go to Mayo Clinic at the urging of the University of Iowa, to see a specialist there that would be the ONLY doc in the country that would attempt to fix his basketball size hernia that his stomach is in, plus part of his small intestine. We have been overly excited as it was scheduled for May 1st for the consultation. Last evening Dr. Sarra called us, & has reviewed the latest CT scans & all his 28 abdominal surgeries that required mesh be put in. Unfortunately after an hour of talking with him, he doesn't feel Gary has enough muscle left any where to fix it. Now he the best in the country, & Gary as I said was to the University of Iowa, & Rush In Chicago. Neither would even touch him. He has so many many probems, & the last doc because our insurance changed to an HMO really messed him up bad. To take out his gall bladder, he accidently cut into the existing mesh, Gary got staph, strep ,& pseudomonus in the wound, & it took 3 years & 8 more surgeries of debriding to get the wound to heal. The new doctor was told of the mesh & that they had left a space to remove the gallbaldder had it ever come up, but didn't bother to check his records from the previous surgeon. He's a mess, & now very depressed again. I even asked what about his quality of life, & Dr. Sarra said he was just so sorry, but there is no muscle & even if they took it from the back or leg , when they do this it loses it's strength, & wouldn't work. Plus his rate of infection from all the previous surgeries figures in too. So don't know what we are going to do. He has no life because of the pain. It broke my heart to see the tears running down his cheeks when we were talking to the doc. I am going to make sure his physc knows about this for sure, but would you please keep him in your thoughts & prayers if you so believe. I know the stregth of this group first hand & have seen the miracles of our group of people. If you can find it in your heart to just include him every once in a while I would truly appreciate it. Thanks, my friends... Mary