is this a good idea to drink ensure while on all these meds. She takes Predizone 20 mg 1 tab daily bactrim ds 2 times a day hyoscyamine 0.125 mg 3 times a day sublingual ventolin as needed inhaler. Ferrous sulfate enteric 325 mg 1 a day klonopin 1 mg 4 times a day oxcarbazeepine 300 mg once a night zanafles 2 mg 3 tab at night. 61 mg baby aspirin 1 a day prilosec 20 mg 1 a day butalicate 325 2 at a time norvasic 10 mg 1 a day trazodone 300 mg a bed.
Liquid albueterol half saline for neubelizer machine and oxygen tank when needed. And xanax 1 mg 4 times a day Morphine patches in the fridge not sure of miligramsb Supositarys for vomiting in the fridge too Please help me. I have heard that ensure shouldn't b mixed with certain meds. Please help me. Thank you