40 years old, female. General health in normal condition. Suffered a bout of HERPES below the shoulders in 2011 and was treated and cured..Symptoms of depression and anxiety started showing up one month after the medication for Herpes.She was treated in 2012 onwards with Fostera 5mg and Restin 5mg for 03 months.Showed signs of improvement and discontinued and resorted to alternative medicine (Ayurvedic) since Nov 2012 till Apr 14. Condition seem to have improved during this period. However since Apr 2014, she seems to have symptoms like uncontrolled anger, helplessness, overconfidence,suspicion on close family members and has started avoiding talking to her close friends and relatives..Restarted alopathic treatment with FOSTERA 5mg and FRISIUM 5mg for 03 weeks since jul14. There seems no improvement. Requesting some advice.