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Frequently urination and burning.cold climent it sevear.lowback bone pain?

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Marvell 21 Mar 2013

How long have you been having these symptoms? You really must see a doctor.

chrissy12 21 Mar 2013

It sounds like you have a very very severe bladder infection or a kidney infection. This will NOT go away on it's own. You need to go to a doctor ASAP! I have frequent bouts with this. Until you get to the doctor start drinking a TON of water and cranberry juice to flush out your system. You need antibiotics. PLEASE go to a doctor!!

scooter48 21 Dec 2013

I agree with chrissy12 completely. Flush your system out, those are excellent fluids and you do need antibiotics right away. Good luck and hope you feel better

Bleuidcowgirl 21 Dec 2013

Yes sounds like a urinary tract gone bad, turned into bladder infection and possible kidney. If passing blood you need to be seen now!!! It could be a kidney stone. I would get in ASAP but if blood in urine go to ER if fever is over 103 go to ER

1fibronut 15 Jan 2014

My advice-RUN don't walk to Dr. I suffered these same things-got to where I was shaking uncontrollaby, wretching violently-ER doc asked if I was an alcoholic.Shock-I RARELY drink.Grabbed my things, teetered out of there--Finally diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection.Gave u history of undetection to let u & anyone else w/these ailments that a UTI can lay you up BIG time.I became delirious, temp up to 103+, dehydrated,weight loss,memory loss.This must be diagnosed ASAP.Death was right around the corner & 2 wks hospitalization. Please don't mess with this. Sorry I didn't see you question sooner. Hope you are over it now. free discount card

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