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What could be the cause for frequent vaginal infections?

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kaismama 4 May 2015

Not treating it correctly the first time. Your partner is infecting you. You've got the normal flora over growing. You douche. There are a few.

Jojomonkeygirl 4 May 2015

I was having problems a couple of years back- discharge, painful sex, frequent infections. After a gyn appointment I found out I had Trichomoniasis (also known as Trich). It's the most common STD but I had never heard of it. Men seem to just be carriers, rarely have symptoms, so he could have had it for years. It took one dose of a strong antibiotic at the Health Dept, husband had to go also, and now I'm ok. Good Luck!

SHEsevEN4 10 May 2015

You both need to be treated, or you pass it back and fourth to each other. free discount card

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