I'm a 36/M in relative good physical shape, and this is week two of taking 50mg of (generic) Zoloft. I was on 25mg for one month, but decided to go up a notch after feeling like the 25mg wasn't having much of an effect on me.

Since starting on 50mg, I've had an increased need to urinate. Even after emptying my bladder I soon later have the 'urge' to go to the bathroom even if I haven't drank anything at all. I researched on Drugs.Com to see that Urinary Incontinence is listed as a 'less common' Side Effect of Zoloft, but a potential Side Effect nonetheless.

Anyone else have such a problem on this drug? Should I go back to 25mg, or talk to my doctor about switching to something else? And then, to which SSRI? I noticed Lexapro does not have this listed as a Side Effect. Earlier this year I tried 5mg of Escitalopram (generic Lexapro) for a few weeks but didn't noticed any improvement; perhaps I should have tried starting at the more "therapeutic" level of 10mg.

Any feedback will be appreciated.