I started having severe anxiety attacks from personal issues and stress from home life, motherhood and work. All combined into one, it was unbearable. My heart would start racing, it'd be hard to breathe, my chest would pound so hard it would hurt. I saw my doctor and she put me on 20mg of Celexa once a day. Unfortunately, since then, about 3 weeks now, I fear it's getting worse. I now wake up more often with anxiety attacks. It's making sleeping hard to do, which is difficult for me regardless since I work 3rd shift and have to get up with my daughter in the mornings. Unfortunately, there is no way to eliminate any stress in my life and I can't keep waking up from dreams with my heart nearly busting through my chest. The celexa has helped me with depression, but I feel like it isn't helping the anxiety much. Should I see about switching mg?