... for my depression. I'm currently on house arrest&probation. I took it on Monday, January 7th at around 1am. I was also drinking some vodka(don't know if this matters or not?). I went in to have my weekly visit with my probation officer Wednesday, January 9th. She then told me i had a drug test. It took me like an hour&a half to be able to piss.. So, it was around probably 1:30pm. I'm freaking out I'm going to fail&go to jail!! So, what do you guys think??? I don't take them on a regular bases or anything. I haven't had one in almost a year, I'd guess? So, I've tried to calculate the hours&I'm guessing it should be around 36 hours.. So, what do you guys think? You think i passed it? I have to go sometime this week for my visitation.. &am completely freaking out! So, please give me your opinions. ASAP. OH, &I've also heard it may depend on weight&height.. I'm 5'2" &weigh around 105-107? I'm small&don't have much fat on me???