... Bent my wrist all kinds of the wrong way. This incident happened last sunday. At first it was swollen slightly & had severe pain that stayed for the most part, but would come & go some. The first 3 days it hurt quite a bit..The past couple of days the pain comes & goes. I can move it ok now, as far as typing on the computer with my right hand I cannot do. This causes severe pain. Also with lifting or even picking up a skillet to cook, it hurts extremely bad. My neighbor says she thinks I have a hair line fracture in my hand..I believe the correct area to say that is hurting would be my wrist to thumb area(metacarpal bone)? There is also a big knot that will not go away in this area sorta of by my thumb. I was hoping for some feedback as to anyone's opinion as to what this might be & if I were to go to the doctor now after a week could anything really be done at this point??